Allianz X Internal Process

​Service Design for internal process of Allianz X

​How to improve the internal working process of Allianz X?

I worked as a design intern at Allianz X which is the Company Builder of the Allianz Group, identifying, building and globally scaling new business models in the InsurTech space. The team includes 12+ nationalities and various professions to support entrepreneur to develop and market new business ideas from scratch. 

Since we are a company builder, It is essential for all the teams collaborate and communicate together to support the entrepreneurs to build company. How to evaluate KPIs/(success) of the venture for the manager, how to collaborate between the shared recourses and entrepreneurs and how to manage or lead the project for entrepreneur are important factors to make a project succeed, We initiated this internal project to improve the internal process of our company to help us build successful business.

I worked with the lead designer on this project. Together we defined the initial project scope and interview questions for different teams. I was in charge of stakeholder interviews, card sorting exercise, persona development and presentation.



​My Role

​Service designer


​System map




​4 weeks of research

​Project type

Internship at Allianz X



This project started with a kick off workshop with the core actors to get a general understanding of the challenges that Allianz X was facing now. We found out the different actors are facing different challenges, there are three main actors, managerentrepreneur and shared resources teams (Design, IT,  Marketing). The managers always find hard to evaluate the success of a few ventures when managing the project, It is hard for shared resources to work across a few projects without proper context, and for entrepreneurs, it is hard for them to be responsible for basically all elements of the founding project. Based on these insights from the workshop, we thought it is necessary to initiate a bottom up research to improve Allianz X from inside.



​As I was responsible for the research phase of this project, I divided the research into two parts, understanding and synthesis. We started with a workshop to get general understanding of our company and the challenges our employees are facing, detected the scope of the project and the interview questions for different teams, then conducted interviews​ with main actors, finally, analyse the interviews and mapping the findings. I had a finding presentation for all the employees in our company in the end.


Since there are different actors involved in the project, most of them have different roles. We had to detect special interview questions for different actors based on their roles, which would help us to get a deep understanding of the challenges they are facing from their perspectives. I then did 13 in-depth expert interviews with the key actors which also include our CEO. I wanted to understand how he sees Allianz X and how would he like to improve it. I also observed and interviewed our project manager, entrepreneurs, designers, copy writer, managers to understand their workflows and the interaction among team members. What was interesting is that the manager and the CEO don't always know the problems or issues that in shared resources team and entrepreneur.


From the research gathering, I began to organize data into categories of primary, secondary, and tertiary clusters of priorities. These groupings helped us to realize what to focus on from a design perspective. By grouping the data, I detected 8 themes which include Strategy, Process, Leadership, Collaboration, Resources, Self-development, Team spirit and Office design.


During the research, we also got lots of great suggestions for the improvements from our employees, which were seen as the possible solutions for the future. I presented the insights for the team as the end of the research phase and we got lots of good feedback. The CEO and managers were surprised and excited to see the some of the findings which they were never thought before, and they were happy to know the how the employees see Allianz X. The next step is to gather the feedback and run co-creation workshops with core actors to develop solutions. 

​Because of the limited time of my internship at Allianz X, I can only participate in the research phase of this project. But when I finished my internship and got back to school, I still got status updates for this project from the lead designer. It is great to see they had already took action to solve most of the issues and Allianz X is getting better now.

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