Positive Negative Bar Counter

​ Form is function

​Form is function

The design consists of one positive and one negative bar counters with a set of wine rack. The table top of the bar is made of cork material, and the base of the bar is made of metallic material into the crystal structures. There are three boxes around the bar to place the wine and ice, and the box also can be put forward. Wine rack is composed of three groups metal framework, form is function.

A'DESIGN & COMPETITION AWARD Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category, 2015 - 2016.

​My Role

Product designer




​1 : 1  Scale Model


​6 months ( May 2014 )

​Project Type

Product design in Bachelor

  • ​Research : 4 weeks

  • Ideation : 3 weeks

  • Prototype & test : 4 weeks

  • ​Mock up : 4 weeks



Inspiration comes from the shape of ice and wine bottles. We often say form follows function, but in this design, form is function.



The bar counter is divided into two parts: table top and the base. The wines can be stored in the wine rack on the table top or put into the ice bucket around the base, people can take out wine bottles from bucket around the bar when they needed, it is much more convenient and does not occupy space.


This design uses two types of materials, cork and iron. Considering the environmental issues from different angles, the application of both materials are all belong to the sustainable design. The cork as the table top not only has a better sense of touch, but also can be easily found new one to replace after the damage. Iron as the main structure is very durable, long live is also in line with the low carbon lifestyle of modern society.


I worked with the welder and woodworker together for the mockup. Metal welding and carpenter technology are used in the process of manufacturing. The first one is made of steel bars, We laser cut the different size of steel bars,and weld them together to make the frame of the wine rack. Another one is made of steel plates without the frame of steel bars.

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