​Clinical Checkup for Occupational Heath 

Digital platform for occupational  healthcare

How to improve the clinical checkup process for occupational health?

Today, the workflow of clinical checkup for occupational health is always slow and inefficient, the aim of this project is to develop an insightful understanding of the current clinical checkup experience in order to improve the experience with maximum efficiency.

​We created a new workflow which including a digital tool for the occupational health clinic to coordinate clinical checkup with the customer company and also a tool for doctors/nurses to gather better clinical information about the employees before they come to their clinical check up.

I am the lead designer for this project and work closely with two doctors and developers. I am responsible for conducting user research, analyzing outputs from user insights and requirements, transforming them into UX concepts and creating prototypes, and detailed wireframes.


​My Role

Service designer

UX designer


 ​User Journey




3 months

  • Research : 3 weeks

  • ​Ideation workshops : 4 week

  • Prototype & test : 4 week

​Project type

Service design

UX design



In Norway, the companies operate in sectors like mining, construction, have to provide occupational health service to their employees. Occupational health is mostly supplied by privately run clinics or own entities within large firms. Normally, the company will buy different services from the clinic. The various offerings that are recommended for various companies are dependent on which sector they operate in, and the services often include workspace inspection, help for risk 

assessment/compliance with health and safety regulations and clinical health controls of employees.

I worked with two clinicians of occupational health for this project. During their working experience, they found out the work

flow for clinical health control of employees is always slow and inefficient. They want to develop an insightful 

understanding of the current clinical checkup experience in order to improve the experience with maximum efficiency.



In order to redesign the clinical checkup experience, we needed to understand the current situation from a service design perspective, as well as the different perspectives of stakeholders. There are over 9 stakeholders involved in this process.  We conducted in-depth interviews with different stakeholders, shadowed the doctors and patient throughout the checkup process to develop insights on how stakeholders involved in the workflow and the daily issues and frustrations they encounter with work systems. Then I mapped our findings and developed a series of persona and workflow maps that highlighted critical areas of concern for different stakeholder roles.


​Shadowing with clinicians and patients at Occupational clinic in Oslo

​How well does the current system work? I mapped out the critical areas in the workflow.


The new checkup flow allows all the stakeholders get an efficient and convenient experience through: 

  • A better tool for clinical coordinators ( secretaries ) to manage bookings and coordination in a easier way

  • Making the logistics easier for employees-patients by making it more convenient to book appointments that suit their schedule

  • A clinical tool that help doctors/nurse to gather better clinical information about the employees before they come to their clinical check up

  • Unburden the clinicians with having to manually write all their documentation, freeing up their time to do more clinical work.

  • Giving customer companies value by creating better health reports on the health of their company as a whole.

​System map to illustrate the Ideal checkup journey


​Clinic Digital Tool Was Created.

One of the most important touch points in this ideal journey is this digital tool, which was developed for secretary/ clinicians to manage bookings and coordination with the customer company and employee patients. 

The clinical coordinator can establish company profiles in the tool and coordinate the scheduling of the services that Clinic  provides to customer company . The clinical coordinator can create and administer all the various calendar of Clinic.

There also has interface for doctor and nurse to quickly register the information that is found during the consultation with the employee. In the end, the doctor will in this interface be able to include extra evaluation/information into the report, which is then autogenerated and can be sent to customer company as a pdf.

​Prototype: Iteration 3

​Gather Information Before The Checkup.

In the ideal journey, we had made the logistics easier for employees-patients to book appointments that suit their schedule. In the backstage,The coordinator will make calendar period available for customer-company to have health checks and choose the questionnaire modules, then the generated link will be sent to customer-company. The HR-leader, who in turn sends this out to all the relevant employees of the company.  


So for the employee-patients, they will simply open the link, log in by their bank ID,  go through the adaptive questionnaire about their health related exposure and book the appointment for health checkup.

Since the new GDPR will be enforced in the May of 2018we want to create trust as well as informing the employee concerning their rightsdata access and protection. I explored the whole user experience of each employee when they open the link to our questionnaire.

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