​Digital companion for travellers to keep track of flight information

​Digital companion to improve the traveling experience

As the chaotic environment of airports, we intend to help travellers to keep track of the flight information.

SAScot is a mascot that warns the user whenever there’s an important update regarding the flight. The user will seek the information at a screen or a desk. The information could typically be a gate change, flight delay or a now boarding message.

​My Role

Interaction designer







​3 weeks

  • ​Ideation workshops : 1 week

  • Prototype & test : 1 week

  • ​Storytelling : 1 week

​Project Type

​Tangible interaction

Team work with Taral Jansen, 

 Marta Velosa 



Flight Traveling

​The task of this project is : find an information feed and make a physical output to it.

​We choose the international flight travel as the main direction. We interview several people who have international traveling experiences, then find out that there are several common issues passengers usually experience at airports, like confused information about flight delays or gate changes, lost luggage, etc.




Using the initial directions as a basis, we run two workshops with other designers from our school to help us develop concepts, test ideas and generate new versions of our concepts.​ We selected two of the best polished results from the workshops, and chose to work on the concept of flight information. Because one big challenge for the travellers is that keeping track of the flight information. As the flight often delay, and the gate always changes, the airport is too noisy for travellers to get announcements of the flight information, most of time they need to keep their eye on the information screen.

​Our concept is a mascot which is a plane provided by the airline company SAS, can remind traveller about flight information.


We made several  prototypes and test them to find out how the plane would warn travellers when there have information updates. 

​It will vibrate with red light when there have information updates, on the contrary, it will keep twinkle with white light.


​The traveller will get the mascot when checking in. Travellers can put it in the pocket, or on the computer when using it.​ As for bonus features, it could be used as a toy for children, be reused at later flights or serve as a souvenir.

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