​Interaction between people and an artificial object

Explore the interaction between people and an artificial object

This project focused on using a single input and one output to develop a working interactive product from the ground up. We chose 180 degrees servos and sonar sensors, built this big artificial "creature" which always curiously watches you with its 41 pieces mirror eyes.

​My Role

Interaction designer






​4 weeks

  • ​Ideation : 1 week

  • Prototype & test : 2 week

  • ​Storytelling : 1 week

​Project Type

​Tangible interaction

Team work with Yuanrui Li




We were given the 180 degrees servo as output to explore the interaction between people and an artificial object. After exploring the features of the servo and different sensors, we chose to use the 180 degree servo as the output, and sonar sensor as the input to build this "creature", which has its own personality to interact with you in an interesting way, it will always "watch" you with 41 pieces mirrors eyes  when you get close to it.


The sonar sensor will capture person's distance between 0.5 meters and 2 meters , arduino will compare data and figure out the rough position of this person, then drive servos to pull all mirrors approximately facing to the person. 

For the servo, as it's has 180 degrees, we convert its rotation to linear motion, to constitute a rectangular coordinate system, which can perform action nimbly and accurately to follow person's movement.


For the structure, we laser cut the wood to connect the sticks, and made hundred of joints by 3D printing to make sure the accuracy of the dimension to connect the stick and mirror. There are 41 pieces of mirrors which were mounted on the same layer but have different heights and angles.

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